So often we see posts on Facebook or hear someone in conversation remark how they are having the ‘worst day ever’.

Having had some pretty crappy jobs over the years, I can tell them straight up that if they work in an office, then that very statement right there is simply not true.

Consider the scenario:

Wake up. In a bed. In a house. With electricity. Hot shower. Food for breakfast available that you don’t have to grow or fight off predatory animals for, or send your child to walk five kilometres to gather whilst you watch for bandits and thieves trying to raid your village.

So, breakfast is done, and you got to make a choice on what you ate.

Shower done, clean clothes to wear that you washed previously in your washing machine, using electricity available, in your house, in your suburb that we have now established is not in a war torn region of the world.

Off to work. In your car, or public transport. Traffic is slow and will probably make you late for work. For your job. Which you have. Unlike people in war torn parts of the world who are so lazy protecting themselves from raids on their village that they can’t be arsed looking for work. Where do they get off? Sheesh.

But back to your car. You have one. You can get it fixed if something breaks. Or you can borrow money from the bank to get one if you haven’t saved up enough and would like monthly reminders of your inability to save what you earn. Or you take public transport. Which works.

You hit the office and the first thing you do is grab a coffee, fresh or instant, matters little because you didn’t grow the beans. Or pick them. Or put them on a truck and drive them anywhere. You just made or bought a coffee.

And now…the kicker – the thing that TOTALLY ruins your day, and makes it the worst day EVER, in the annals of human history.

Your boss says that you will no longer be able to have casual dress Friday. The Bastard. Ungrateful loser. After everything you have ever done for him, including making sure you took every one of those sick leave days available as a mental health day.

It doesn’t have to be your boss cancelling casual dress Friday, it could be something as horrific as your coffee shop running out of your favourite flavour bean. What on earth are those lazy South American villagers doing? Bank holiday over there is it? Why can’t you get your favourite coffee flavour?

Perhaps it is someone that said something that reminded you of something your ex partner said to you. Once. A long time ago.

I don’t think there is really a need to go on with the rest of your day. It’s only going to get worse, when your boss tells you that although you get 30 minutes for lunch, they’d rather you actually took that and didn’t count only eating it, and not going eight blocks to buy it at that deli you like, bring it back, prepare it, and check out your Instragram account whilst you were waiting for it to cook.

Honestly, this boss makes Ebenezer Scrooge look like Citizen of the Year.

So what I respectfully suggest you do is put your bad moment in context. Don’t let one tiny moment be the barometer of your day.

Let it simply be a moment and move on from it.

Nobody really likes seeing those posts about how people are having a bad day. True story.

That’s why we post photos about cats.

Bad day?








So…again, that little bid of advice you may have missed and the entire purpose of this blog post.

LET IT BE A MOMENT and move on from it.


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