Five Week FeelGood Challenge

Welcome to the BANG Fitness Adventures Five Week FeelGood Challenge

How does it all work?

Starting Tuesday 22nd October you get two Group Fitness Coaching sessions per week for five weeks, PLUS one Personal Fitness Coaching Session per week as well as an online exercise/nutrition plan PLUS online motivation coaching from Matt Jolley, Owner of BANG Fitness Adventures.

Group Fitness Coaching and Personal Fitness Coaching sessions will be held at In-Sync-Fit, 62 Hyland Street, Fyansford, just a few minutes from the Geelong CBD.

Group Fitness Coaching Sessions will start Tuesday 22nd October 7pm and will be approximately 45 minutes duration, featuring a mix of cardio vascular, strength and endurance training tailored to suit your own fitness levels, on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for five weeks.

Personal Fitness Coaching sessions are booked according to times that mutually suit you and me! If you can’t fit them all in during the Five Week FeelGood Challenge, you can bank some of them and use them within 3 months.

There’s no point using them just for the sake of using them up, we are better to use them to get the best benefit from them.

Personal Fitness Coaching can be used to ensure your technique is sound, to help learn what you can do if you’ve had an injury, you can even use them to set some new goals and map out how you will achieve them.

Cost of the Five Week FeelGood Challenge is $497 pay in full, which represents a saving of $250 off the regular price of the elements in the package – great value!


You can use our instalment plan with a $70 deposit. Yes, you pay a little more but you can tailor the repayments to suit your budget and pay cycle. Total payable is $567 plus a small set up fee for the online platform we use, but it’s still a fantastic saving off the full price!

Don’t worry if you can’t get to all of the Group Fitness Coaching sessions, the online program will have plenty of sessions you can do at your own gym or outside if you prefer the great outdoors.

Why five weeks?

12 weeks is a difficult timeframe for people to commit to, and five weeks is right in the middle of the ideal time frame to start to build new habits.

What if I don’t want to follow the nutrition plan?

That’s ok! If you already have one, or you find it difficult to stick to a plan, then you can just keep doing what you’re already doing – however, having been a Fitness Coach for fifteen year, I know that the meal plan created by a nutritionist in the program is a great way to get some healthy eating habits.

Do I have to count calories?

No! Just no! You’re busy right? So why not just eat healthy food and let the food do the work of making you feel good!

Do I have to weigh in? 

Again, NO! You can weigh yourself at the start if you like, you can weigh yourself at the end of the five weeks, but our focus will be on moving and feeling good, so we will let the exercise and food do their job.

I’ve got an injury…illness…feelings…

We’ve all got something going on in our lives, so don’t panic. I’ve been coaching people for a long time, so I can tailor the training to work around injuries. Our goal is to make you FeelGood!

Will there be a Facebook Group where I can ask questions?

Sure, why not? But you don’t have to check in, or post pictures of your meals, or your gains/losses. You can sit back and watch, or you can ask questions, or celebrate the little wins along the way.

Anything else?

Ask me! Our goal is to make this a fun challenge, get you fitter and stronger, maybe lose a few kgs or a dress size, but most importantly to get you feeling GOOD about yourself.

Ready to start? 

Make sure you message Matt Jolley on Facebook or e mail info@bangfitness.com.au to register.

How do I know if I have been successful?

Well, it’s easy to get on the scales or time yourself running 5km, but it can be a little more difficult to measure how you feel.

So we will work on how to develop the skills on assessing where you are at, but we’re pretty sure that if you train 2-3 times a week, eat healthy food and get some quality sleep, and be around mother motivated people who want to support and encourage you to FeelGood as well, we reckon you’ll know if you’ve been successful or not!

Who wants to FeelGood?

Oh, by the way…there are no long term contracts or sneaky bits hidden away. You don’t have to join up at In-Sync-Fit before, during or after the Challenge, but we are happy if you like training here and want to talk to them about their membership options as well.

And of course, if you want to continue your Personal Fitness Coaching after the Five Week FeelGood Challenge you can – our Project PT Packs are six session packs – if you’re not still getting closer to your goals after six sessions you can finish and try something else…
Or you can sign up to a BANG Fitness Adventures trip of course!

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Matt Jolley has been coaching fitness and sports for over 25 years. He has led several treks to complete the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea as well as operating a multi day trek along the Great Ocean Walk several times a year and also runs a Bali Fitness Adventure and a Lombok Trek Adventure - encouraging everyone to take on a challenge and grow from it

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