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Walking helps overcome anxiety (with practice!)

We can't promise that your anxiety will disappear straight away. But we can promise that you'll get to enjoy a beautiful walk, go at your own pace and get to enjoy yourself!

And with our Half Day Hikes only being a short distance and easier terrain you'll feel like you can do it!

Anxiety is sneaky. It tries to tell you that the things that are good for you aren't, and the things that aren't good for you are. But our Half Day Hikes are proof that you can get past some of the issues anxiety can cause. By doing the the very things anxiety says you can't.

  Many prospective clients tell us:
  • They don't want to hold the group up.
  • They are worried they won't be fit enough
  • They're nervous that they'll be expected to have to talk
  • They're worried they won't know what to talk about anyway.
  • Meeting new people is just scary
What if we could show you how to overcome these fears in a supportive small group environment with people who were just as nervous?


Torquay to Bells Beach

A beautiful walk on mostly formed track with stunning sea views! A great walk to start with. We walk from Torquay to Bells Beach and return - it's really hard to 

Anakie Gorge

This walk is a loop, so we end up back where we started, but it still has one or two sections that will get your heart rate up, the views are worth it though!

You Yangs

The You Yangs Walks are always fun, it's just like being out in the bush when you were a kid but in a small group you won't get lost! Lots of different terrain to keep you interested.

Point Lonsdale

This is a great walk to get your confidence up - all the way along the beach from Point Lonsdale Lighthouse to Barwon Heads - enjoy the soothing sounds of the ocean on this wide flat beach

Lots more to choose from

We really don't care how old you are or how slow you might be, as long as you're willing to have a go and have some fun. And you just might make a new friend or two!

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