How I got LEAN (and will again)

I’m the same as most people. I struggle with my weight and motivation some days, get caught up in the busy of the day and don’t plan my nutrition. Kind or ironic when you are a trainer hey?

But back a few years ago I finally took on the challenge of focussing on my nutrition and boy did it make a difference.

I was old school – eat a balanced diet according to the food pyramid but if you wanted to lose kgs you had to work hard and put on muscle, each training session needed to be a ripper. That works, to a degree, but I was becoming very dissatisfied with the way some clients and myself just weren’t getting the results we wanted, were feeling washed out a lot of the time.

What was going on? I then took a look at the EFM LEANing Challenge that my health club group were promoting and thought that I would give it to the members to try, and I’d have a go myself, if only to satisfy my curiosity.

Blown away! Within a few days, I was actually feeling so clear headed I was becoming super annoying and cheery all the time, which is no mean feat when you work 15 hours a day. Since then I have had hundreds of members and clients try it with great success.

It really is the only nutrition program I recommend because there is no calorie counting, no points, no confusing rules about what you can and can’t eat.

If you wanted to lose a few kgs before heading to one of our events, or wondered what sort of nutrition plan you should be looking at in order to have more energy and be sleeping better, then this is the program I have been giving my members and clients for three years.

Literally thousands of people have found success through using it from our health club group.

28 Day LEANing LogoIt’s simple to follow but it works because it educates you on the real science behind weight loss, not the mumbo jumbo that is common on a lot of programs.

If you’d like to know more than hit REPLY straight away because it can’t stay $99 forever.

28 days of meal plans, training programs, recipes and daily educational e mails to help you make sense of your eating and training.

Starts Monday and registrations required by tomorrow.

So what happened to me? I started taking short cuts again, stopped planning my meals, stopped taking a few minutes each morning to follow the simple recipes to get my day cranked up.

I know! What an idiot!!

That’s why I’m taking on the challenge again – and heading to Bali on our Fitness Adventure to train and have some cool adventures so there are no excuses to not find time to exercise!

Just do it. I lost 7kgs in 28 days but more importantly cms from my waist, had more energy, slept better and felt the healthiest I had literally in years.

Reply NOW to get an e mail with more information on what’s involved.

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Matt Jolley has been coaching fitness and sports for over 25 years. He has led several treks to complete the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea as well as operating a multi day trek along the Great Ocean Walk several times a year and also runs a Bali Fitness Adventure and a Lombok Trek Adventure - encouraging everyone to take on a challenge and grow from it

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