Coaching can be incredibly rewarding.

It can also be incredibly frustrating as you watch someone who has everything they need to achieve their goals self sabotage and not get where they could and should be.

So some tips then on how to make goals actually happen.

  1. Write them down – we all know that writing down goals makes them feel more real. But many people don’t write them down, possibly (probably) because they haven’t spent enough time to think about what they actually want to do. So writing them down does two things. The first is to make them concrete. The second is to force you to actually think about what you want to do. (Not why, just what).
  2. Say them out loud – this is so much more powerful than you think – practice saying your goals out loud, which is going to help when you get to my next point.
  3. Say them out loud to someone else – it doesn’t matter who, except it’s no use to tell them to your dog. Say them out loud to another person, any person. This is the accountability phase, or at least the start of it.
  4. Say them out loud to someone else, without explaining your reasons for wanting to achieve the goals, or to justify why you would spend time/money/effort on them. I can almost guarantee that when you got to step 3 above that you felt you had to explain yourself. You don’t.
  5. Choose any of your goals, and think about what actions you need to take to achieve it. There may be a few actions, there may be lots, there may only be one. It doesn’t actually matter which action it is, even if it isn’t the best action to start with, what you’re doing is moving forward, you’re starting to get some action and traction.
  6. DO THE ACTION! Just go ahead and do it. Don’t waste time telling people on Facebook what you’re going to do, why you’re going to do it, asking for more accountability, justifying your desire to achieve the goal, blaming your anxiety for not doing it, the fact that you’re a mum, or busy at work or any of the other things that just happen in life that you have to work around.

DO THE ACTION! Do it NOW. Do it 100%. Do it before you find a reason why you can’t.

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