Some days I am a tad confused by what I see on Facebook, and not only by my own posts!

I see posts at the moment by people who are opposed to a shark cull, or cruelty to animals in other countries and post their moral outrage for all to share, and may the hooves of a thousand angry unicorns crush your unbelieving soul if you should not share their outrage.

If some of these people put more energy into being morally outraged at themselves for the way they have treated their own health, or that of their children then perhaps we could do a lot more good than save a few sharks. I also wonder if they would reconsider something like a shark cull when they are out in the ocean and confronted by one.

For the record, I’m not morally outraged by shark culling – I think it’s ridiculous that we should kill an animal because we choose to go into it’s natural environment, but it doesn’t keep me up at night.

I see people post videos of themselves performing an exercise and inviting comments, then getting angry when comments are offered, often from people well experienced to offer such comments.

If you posted a video to make yourself feel good, then don’t ask the mother in law to the party, you know she’ll only give you exactly what you asked for.

I see posts from people that are so proud of the green smoothie they have just created, seemingly oblivious to the fact that only two days earlier they posted photos of themselves on their fifteenth champagne at a party.

Do you ever go back over your last year’s posts and review how many ups and downs you had? How many times you jumped on and off the health wagon? You want to be careful with that, you’ll do an ankle if you’re not careful. Far better to be one step at a time and consistent in my humble opinion, but then that doesn’t get ‘Likes’ and pats on the back.

Perhaps that is why people fall off the wagon so hard – they get addicted to the congratulations for starting a health kick, and they like the attention – but that speaks volumes for their state of mind that they a) need that and; b) can’t stick to a plan for more than 3 days.

I see posts from people that refer obliquely to other people’s posts that may or may not be about them. Clue: It usually isn’t about you, but you’re so paranoid that you probably think this post is about you. (I’ll be disappointed if you didn’t sort of sing along with that sentence…You’re so vaaaaaiiiinnnnn, you probably think this post is about you, don’t you, don’t youuuuuu…)

Sometimes people are just venting – you don’t need to get on your high unicorn of magnificence and perfection to rant back about how anything they say about you, or about someone else that may be you, may be used in a court of law, or on a similarly oblique reference on Instagram.

I see posts of Leg Day, Back, Abs…but I don’t see posts of those same people actually DOING anything apart from going to the gym. Trust me, I’m in my own gym about 12 hours a day, there are far more fascinating places to spend all of your waking time. Make gym a part of your life, don’t live there.

Sure, they post photos of themselves at the beach, with the obligatory shots of their feet in front of the water, but that’s not actually DOING anything, in fact it is the opposite. How about you tell us you did back day, and then go and do something useful with it, or inspirational.

Unless you post the entire workout, we don’t know you actually did anything other than flex your biceps in a reverse selfie, even I can do that and with the right lighting I can look just like Brad Pitt.

Last night on TV, some people won an enormous sum of money for renovating an apartment block, and good luck to them.

Imagine if…instead of taking to the airwaves today, you’d actually spent that time doing what you said you would do, whatever that was. I’m all for distractions and some down time, but when your downtime is more than your uptime, there is something wrong, and you need to fix it.

Because one day, you’ll have no time left, and a lot of things left undone.

So, imagine if…you got the hell on with it.

End Rant

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