Kosciuszko November 2022

Mt Kosciuszko

Friday 25th November to Sunday 27th November, 2022


Welcome to our Mt Kosciuszko Walk, 22kms of walking to the summit of Mt Kosciuszko from Charlotte Pass and return.


Our Mt Kosciuszko Walk will commence with all participants meeting on Friday evening at our accommodation at Jindabyne before commencing the Mt Kosciuszko Walk on Saturday morning, and then staying overnight at our accommodation again on the Saturday night, before a leisurely Sunday brunch before heading home, having climbed Australia’s highest peak.


The Walk will take in the Main Range trail, which connects with the Summit Walk and then returns to Charlotte Pass, the return trip of 22-23kms will take between 7-8 hours, so it will be your responsibility to ensure that you can walk that distance over 8 hours, to ensure that the group can enjoy the walk and exploring the local area. This is not a Walk for inexperienced hikers, and we strongly encourage you to have participated in one of our other walks prior to attempting the Mt Kosciuszko Walk.

Our accommodation will be a mixture of single beds, bunk beds and double beds in comfortable connecting houses.

This document is not a comprehensive guide of all equipment you would need, nor does it provide everything you need to do in order to ensure your fitness levels are adequate for the Walk. BANG Fitness Adventures will discuss each individual’s fitness and medical concerns with the individual and will provide a training guide to be followed as well as free training events that participants can attend. Interstate and International participants will need to source suitable training facilities however BANG Fitness Adventures will endeavour to assist where possible with advice and support. 

As a general rule, cross training will be the most suitable form of training, a mix of cardiovascular and resistance training to ensure adequate muscle strength and endurance and heart health. The intensity of each leg of the Mt Kosciuszko Walk will depend on many factors, some of which include weather, incline, surfaces, duration of each leg etc., so the more variety you can implement in your training the better prepared you are likely to be.

It is important to note though that the Mt Kosciuszko Walk is an experience, not a race. We will walk as a group, and participants can rest as required, and frequent breaks will be had to ensure we rehydrate and eat as well as stop to enjoy the stunning views.

The Mt Kosciuszko Walk will follow the plan laid below. Please note that the daily start/stop points may vary slightly due to inclement weather etc., however if we are prepared physically and with appropriate clothing etc., we shouldn’t have any dramas.

All meals, snacks, accommodation, park fees and guided walk on Mt Kosciuszko are included in your package fee.

Please ensure you advise of any dietary preferences or health issues prior to booking your place.

IMPORTANT: We are bound by legislation that requires all participants in our events in New South Wales to be double vaccinated against Covid-19 and to provide a Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate available from their MyGov account linked to their Medicare record. We are unable to accept anyone who cannot meet the above requirement.


After meeting the evening before for dinner at our accommodation at Jindabyne, we will have a hearty breakfast and then commence walking around 8am towards the Summit, crossing the infamous Snowy River along the way. We expect to average between 3-5kms an hour depending on the steepness of the terrain at times, however we will have plenty of time to enjoy the views at the top of Australia!

We will have lunch near the summit, before returning back to our start point, taking our time to experience this amazing view. Upon returning to our start point we will return to our accommodation and enjoy a celebration of our achievement, knowing that we have a comfy bed awaiting, and a delicious brunch the next morning before we head home.

Obviously we have no refrigeration facilities during the day so snacks need to be non-perishable and we are also highly aware of leaving the environment as we found it, so all rubbish and containers must be carried home with us so that the next users of the trail may enjoy it the same way we have.

We may meet other groups on the Mt Kosciuszko Walk and we encourage you to introduce yourselves and share experiences and impressions along the way. We are all there to enjoy an incredible experience and meet like-minded people.

We want this to be an experience to savour, to relish and to immerse yourself into, coming out the other end with an appreciation of exactly what you are capable of and with a sense of perspective about how you can overcome future challenges in your lives.

Information on payment details for payment, referrals of friends and family and clients to our Mt Kosciuszko Walk can be found in the document BANG Fitness Adventures Mt Kosciuszko Walk Info and Payment Plan. Places will be limited on this Adventure with a maximum of 14 participants.

Please feel free to contact Matt Jolley on 0400 207 303 or e mail info@bangfitness.com.au for more information or head to our website at www.bangfitness.com.au and click on the Adventures tab for our events.

BANG Fitness Adventures is here to help you find ways to make things happen for you. To help you overcome fears and doubts about what you can really achieve in your life, to help you create a new belief system based on you actually experiencing life. We are pleased that you have considered us to be a part of your experiences and we look forward to sharing the Mt Kosciuszko Walk with you.


Warm Regards


Matt and Danielle Jolley

Adventure Coaches

BANG Fitness Adventures

0400 207 303




Licensed Parks Victoria Tour Operator

Licensed Parks Tasmania Commercial Visitors Service Operator

Parks NSW Eco Pass Holder

Registered Fitness Professional Level 3 Fitness Australia



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Matt Jolley has been coaching fitness and sports for over 25 years. He has led several treks to complete the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea as well as operating a multi day trek along the Great Ocean Walk several times a year and also runs a Bali Fitness Adventure and a Lombok Trek Adventure - encouraging everyone to take on a challenge and grow from it

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