Your core beliefs don’t exist.

You only have your past experiences, and what you will do in the future.

So if you want to change your belief system, you have to change your experiences.

If you don’t want your life to be full of better experiences, then you shouldn’t come to one of our events. Save yourself the stress of getting on a plane and going to somewhere that you can learn about why your life is the way it is. Save yourself the inconvenience of walking 100kms and in doing so discovering who it was that prevented you from achieving what you wanted to.

If you don’t believe you can afford to get on a plane and fly to Bali with us, or that you would be capable of walking for four days then your past experiences are what will hold you back from achieving your future goals.

You probably won’t lose the weight you want to because your past experience has been of not succeeding. You won’t change your job and become a successful Personal Trainer because your experience has been of watching the clock every day and waiting for pay day. You won’t suddenly find extra money for that tropical holiday experience because your past experiences have been that every dollar you earn and then some are spent in the pursuit of stuff.

Your core beliefs are simply habits born out of your past experiences.

It’s your habits that prevent you from succeeding the way you say you want to.

Those people that have been on one of our events have found the way to change their beliefs. They have been prepared to make themselves uncomfortable in some way in order to move forward.

If your so called belief system tells you that you don’t want to be uncomfortable then you won’t put yourself in a position to succeed. You don’t win premierships without the contest. You can’t win a lottery or at the pokies without gambling something.

Do you want to go another 12 months, 2, 3, 5 years waiting for it all to get better?

It won’t, unless your experiences between now and then are changed. And they won’t change unless you do something different from what you do now.

If you are prepared to change your situation, in order to change your experiences – then perhaps you should come to one of our events. 1272690_10151917583528792_1732597140_o

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