Mobility and Flexibility Workshop Saturday July 8 – 9.30am to 11.00am Upper Body


The last three years we have been stuck at home or behind a desk…

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99% of people who go to the gym or train with a coach would be guilty of having turned up, and their warm up, at best would be 5 minutes on a rower or bike.

They then do an upper body workout with a body that isn’t ready to do what is about to be asked of it.

If they were lucky to be doing leg day they are marginally better off but they could still do better.

What about those of you suffering long term pain who try to avoid working that body part – with the inevitable result of losing strength or creating an imbalance in strength between different parts of the body?

I have been working with each of my PT clients lately on improving their flexibility and mobility but also working on my own as well and I’ve had massive reduction in knee pain.

I’ve been putting up with significant pain in my knees for two decades and had avoided doing much about it, accepting that twenty years of being a fast bowler and then trekking through multiple countries left a price to pay over the next twenty years.

But by putting in the work I’m really excited about how much more flexible and mobile my joints are.

I’m going to be running sessions on how you too can gain improvement in your flexibility and mobility.

You may even find a reduction in pain, increased motivation to train when your body allows you to move with less restriction.

There are lots of tools in the toolkit to use, and some of you may have some of these, and some may use them but I’ll teach you how to really get the best out of them.

You can use these tools for as little as ten minutes a day and still have better results than what you’re getting right now.Sure, you can keep trying your current stretching methods and warm ups…and if they work for you then more power to you…but what if…what if you could do better?

We will be focusing in this session on the upper body, so if you suffer from neck, shoulder, arm or back pain this is the place to start improving how you feel and move!

Equipment is provided, but if you want to bring your own yoga type mat or foam roller then go right ahead!

We will be holding this workshop at In-Sync-Fitness – 62 Hyland Street, Fyansford  – a few minutes west of the Geelong CBD

You don’t need to be a regular gym goer or bushwalker – this workshop will be great for those of you who feel stuck behind a desk too many hours a day and don’t have the energy to get up and go at the end of it!

Limited spots available so we can make sure you’re getting the attention you deserve on the day and this limited time price won’t last long



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