Imagine that you own a business and employ a Sales Representative to go out and sell your products.

Your product doesn’t change (it’s you) so it is not like the Sales Rep has to constantly learn about new products every day to promote.

They have one message that they are allowed to spread every day, either a positive sales message or a negative sales image. When you think about the sales message you give yourself every day, you rarely tell yourself anything neutral. We tell ourselves what we have done, or want to do is either a great achievement or we beat ourselves up over it and give ourselves a negative reinforcement.


Consider how you would treat your Sales Rep in your business if you found out that every message that was sent out to customers (friends/family/colleagues) was a negative one. How would that affect sales? You’d sell almost nothing. Your other workers would become very dispirited and lose motivation to perform at their optimum. All that hard work they do is just wasted because the voice of the company is talking it down.

That Sales Rep would be shown the door quick smart.

So what will you do about your own Sales Rep? Show them the exit door? Or let them keep talking you down until even you believe the negative message.

Get rid of them. Today. Become the best Sales Rep you can be, by only allowing positive messages into your thoughts.

Positive thoughts become positive actions.

Try it!

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