There are certain inalienable facts of life that we just have to accept.

Death being the major factor, we’re all going out at some point.

Taxes – ever present and ever more.

All Volvo drivers are annoying – even Volvo drivers have to admit that their safe boxy cars which are impregnable to all but a nuclear strike, make them the most intolerable of all drivers because they can do whatever they like in the knowledge that their cars are damage free.

They don’t take a chance, because God forbid should they actually enter the traffic and enter smoothly, they’d prefer to wait a few days to make sure the gap is big enough for them to turn the corner and make sure that they don’t use any more fuel than the handbook says they should get. It’s all about the mileage and making sure the numbers add up to perfect right?

They sit in the right hand lane on the freeway, because they are doing the speed limit, actually just below, and they can drive where they like, no matter how many cars they hold up.

They can take their time in a car park looking for the best spot, and if someone 400 metres away looks like they are coming back to their car, they’re quite content to sit and wait for 10 minutes until that person may or may not return to their car, load their kids and groceries in and then depart.

Do you know someone like this? Someone who is prepared to wait and wait and go slow and take their time on every decision, every action, weighing up every little pro and con, thinking about it for as long as it takes to forget all about it and move on to some other bland activity?

Am I describing you?

Here is a head’s up for you then. If you are a bloke, you will wake up one day, find yourself at a shopping centre in tan slacks, a tans shirt and matching tan pullover, with tan shoes. You’ll realise that you became your grandfather overnight, and playing safe all those years, just got you not much of anything to remember in your senior years.

You’ll have survived unscathed throughout life. No scars, no injured body parts, a comfortable nest egg tucked away from all of your sensible investments over the years and quite possibly, no memories of anything fun.

You won’t have walked past a playground and wondered if you can still swing like a monkey as you did when you were eight. You won’t have got your boots dirty. You won’t have badges of honour on your hands from lifting something heavy at the gym against your chiropractors suggestion.

You won’t have taken a chance in life. You won’t have pushed against the boundaries to see what you could really do. You’ll be the guy at the party nodding his head in the corner when everyone tells their stories, and you’ll go and fill up everyone’s drink for them, and whilst you’re at it, you’ll go out and check everyone’s tyre pressures on their cars to make sure that they’re all at the recommended pressure, because that’s what the rule book says.

Is there anything wrong with playing safe? No. If you want to play safe, then do it. It’s your choice. Go get your affairs in order, tidy up the paperwork, attend to the funeral plans in your 40s because you never can tell.

And then wait for the end.

But here’s the rub my corduroy attired friend – waiting to die is no way to live.

Take a chance, live dangerously, take it to the edge, make mistakes, fuck up big time.

Because safe sucks, and we only get one crack at this merry go round.

You can stay on it, and you can go round and round and repeat the same safe stuff year after year.

Or you can break out and go and do something amazing, challenging, stimulating, scary as all fuck.

On our Bali Fitness Adventure, we traverse the caldera of Mt Batur, at 1717 metres above sea level. At times there are tiny little footholds as you look down on either side at 300 metre drops, walking over wet rocks that the steam of the live volcano has made slippery.

Scares the shit out of me. Every time. Every bloody time I get the jelly legs. But I do it. Because to not do it would hit me about 3 hours later when I realised that I had missed another chance to take on a challenge and face a fear, and I had backed down.


It’s time for Aussie blokes to grow some cojones, take on a challenge, face a fear, create a lasting memory they can share with their kids. We can help you do that.

Or we can point you in the direction of your nearest menswear store and wish you Godspeed.

It’s completely up to you, but I’ll leave you with an earlier thought:

Waiting to die, is no way to live.

Any bloke wishing to take on a challenge and make a lasting memory is welcome to join us on our next Kokoda Trek, come White Water Rafting with us in Bali, or challenge themselves with four days of Trekking on the Great Ocean Walk.

Contact us to find out how

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