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Secret Retreat Lombok 2017

Your most amazing holiday...EVER!!

Secret Retreat Itinerary August 2017  


Jeeva Beloam Beach Camp



Saturday August 12


Depart from Australia and fly to Lombok via Bali and then be transferred by bus to the Jeeva Beloam Beach Camp – be welcomed to an amazing secluded resort that will be your home for the next week!

Enjoy a relaxed training session in the early evening and then enjoy a healthy dinner as we go over the activities for the week.

DAY 2  

Sunday August 13


Wake to the sound of the ocean at your doorstep and the realisation that you are indeed in paradise!

Stretch the legs with an early morning fitness session every day as you work on the challenges facing you – the week is all about relaxing in a beautiful environment and having the chance to think – and to put some strategies into place that you can take home with you to ensure that you keep working on your health and fitness and life goals.


Each day will include a major fitness activity such as snorkelling, mountain biking to a local village, kayaking, soft trekking (no heavy packs) and even a spot of fishing with some locals if you like!

Training sessions will be structured around making sure your exercise program is exactly what you need – not just a random program thrown together by a PT on the internet.

Sunday will also include a postural analysis as part of the process of ensuring your exercise program will help you overcome any abnormalities – many people have rounded shoulders for example, from their lifestyle of using computers and phones – what exercises should you do to improve that and make your body work better?

There will also be an opportunity to practice meditation – don’t worry if you haven’t done it before, there’s no perfect right or wrong and we will show you how to get started.  



Monday August 14

More training with the emphasis on ensuring you have good movement mechanics – I have been coaching sport and fitness for over 25 years so I know what people need to do to improve!


A sensational breakfast is always ready for us every morning and what better way to enjoy it than sitting here with this view?


Tuesday August 15


Over the course of the week we will be ensuring that we discuss everyone’s nutrition and where they can improve – most of us just need some help with willpower!

We will discuss why we sabotage ourselves and how we can simply stop doing that!

All meals are catered for so you don’t have to worry about where to go to eat, and you don’t have to worry about getting dressed up for dinner!

Of course, massages are easy to arrange – you may need one or two just to take away the stress of being so relaxed!

There’s NO television or WiFi available so it truly will be a fantastic break away from the stress of the digital world. We aren’t completely cut off from the world though, messages can still be sent and received through the camp management – it might be a challenge to not always be checking Facebook, but it’s also a great way to switch off whilst you work on YOU!           

Day 5

Wednesday August 16


Between activities you are free to explore around the camp and do whatever takes your fancy – a spot of reading or napping perhaps?



Thursday August 17


Following on from the other sessions we will have – we will make sure we have time to sort out what your roadblocks have been in the past, and why you haven’t always achieved your goals – we are rarely surprised to find out we keep repeating the same behaviours over and over again.

How wonderful it would be to recognise when we are doing it and just stop!

I have led many multi day treks in Australia and Indonesia as well as the famous Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea, as well as run lots of Fitness Retreats so I have had the opportunity to work with a great many people and help them get to where they want to be – perhaps we can come up with a plan for you too!


Friday August 18

We wrap up our week with another fitness session just to make sure we are as fit and ready as we can be to head back home and take on all of the new challenges we are excited about.

You will have had opportunities to:

  • Try new adventure challenges
  • To learn about how best to move your body
  • What you should eat for optimal performance
  • Meditation and relaxation techniques
  • What exercises you should do to improve your posture
  • What intensity you should train at for improved cardiovascular health
  • What intensity you should train at for improved strength and endurance
  • Different ways you can optimise your recovery days
  • How to make sure that you work every day towards your goals
  • How to recognise when you aren’t!
  • Stretching techniques and how they can improve your suppleness
  • So much more!

You are away for a total of 7 days/ 6 nights

Please contact Matt Jolley on 0400 207 303 for more information on your Secret Retreat or e-mail info@bangfitness.com.au for payment details.  

Your Secret Retreat Adventure will include Airfares from Australia to Bali and on to Lombok and return, Accommodation, Adventure Activities, all meals and transfers to and from the airport on Lombok, Fitness Training, Motivation sessions and Nutrition sessions as well as Meditation. We will also include massages for you!

You aren’t obliged to participate in all of the fitness training, motivation, nutrition sessions, we completely understand everyone is different and sometimes we just don’t want to share!

Call 0400 207 303 or e mail info@bangfitness.com.au to register TODAY


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