We live in a world of comparative order and comfort

Which is great

Which is also our problem when faced with a challenge that requires a different solution than one out of the box.

Our adventures aren’t just holidays – they’re an opportunity to be challenged in lots of different ways.

From hearing gunfire at the shooting range at the Cu Chi Tunnels, to sitting with Vietnamese locals eating rice paper pizzas cut with scissors, to even crossing the road in front of a thousand motor bikes, there are opportunities on every trip to experience a different life, a different perspective.

I don’t think anyone who has been to one of our international adventures has gone home the same person after being exposed to the culture of the country we visited.

We sit at home and judge other countries and people for how they live their lives, thinking that our default way of life is the norm, that everyone else does it differently, perhaps even wrong.

But when you immerse yourself into a culture you see things differently, you learn there are many ways to achieve a goal, achieve happiness.


Travel far.

Travel often.

Be courageous.

Turn up.

Be present.

Live, don’t just exist.

We are looking for the next group of people ready to explore with us – if you think that’s you then why not ask about an upcoming event to see if it will be the right experience for you?

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