I sometimes wonder how many millions of articles and recipe books have been written about weight loss over the years, but in fact it is probably only the last 50 years that they have become so prevalent. Prior to that people mostly ate to refuel their bodies, and perhaps weren’t so affluent in relative terms as we are today, so they ate what they could afford and there wouldn’t have been much left over.

When I talk to my clients about weight loss I tell them that the process of losing it is not dissimilar to the recipes for meals that have got them to the point where they need to lose weight.

Is that not the ultimate weight loss irony?

Consider this process for preparing a meal.

Gather ingredients, follow instructions for combining ingredients, cook for the appropriate amount of time – finished product is the meal

How is that different from achieving a weight loss goal?

Gather knowledge, follow instructions for using knowledge, allow appropriate amount of time for process to work – finished product is weight loss.

We could talk forever on which foods are the right ones, how much to eat of each, how long to eat them for, what it should all look like at the end, but the process at the end of all that is still the same.

If I wanted to cook a chocolate cake, and followed the process for that with the correct ingredients, combined them all the right way and for the right amount of time, I would end up with a chocolate cake – not a salad sandwich.

chocolate cake

What will stuff most people up is that they add too much to the process – if you want to cook a chocolate cake, why would you add extra processes or ingredients along the way that aren’t relevant or confuse the issue?

Stick with the plan, stick with the process, stick at it for long enough and you WILL get your result.

N.B. The author does not advocate eating chocolate cake for weight loss – the author advocates doing epic things such as joining us on our next Bali Fitness Retreat where you could learn to eat for optimum health and have some amazing Adventures in Fitness – click here for more details.

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