Being around motivated people every day is really what it is all about for me, and I want to be able to share some of that motivation and inspiration with you. We all go through stages where we lose our MOJO, the spark that defines us, gives us the purpose we want. We go through the motions, marking time, thinking that next week or next month will be better, or we’ll have more money to do stuff or inspiration will land in our lap if we can only get the next load of washing on the line first. Trust me when I say I have well and truly been there. Coaches have the same issues, but the great thing is that we know how to recognise it, and we know how to combat it.

Some clients who have completed previous nutrition or exercise challenges have told me that following those challenges they missed the accountability that kept them on track; some people can’t think about nutrition and exercise right now as there is too much going on in their lives. I get all that. I was the same 10 years ago with my exercise, and up until recently with my own nutrition. I have experienced the same roadblocks that the people I work with have, so I know how hard it is to get back on track, or even find the right track in the first place.

It’s about you. Your essence. What makes you who you are, and what you can be. I will make you think about what it is you see in yourself, and what you’d like to see, and how to make that start to happen for you.

It won’t always be pretty. It won’t tell you that it will be OK to stay exactly the same and do what you’ve always done, but it will work. I know it will work because it has worked for 20 years of my coaching career, and it gets results.

You’re in the right place!!!!

The MOJO Program is about working out what barriers we have put up to stop ourselves getting to our goals and then finding ways around, over or through them!

We all start out eating well and exercising with the best of intentions, but if we don’t have a real idea of what our goals are and why we keep stopping ourselves from getting there then we just keep coming up short when we hit that wall of low motivation and fatigue, and we generally repeat past behaviours all over again, even though we know we are sabotaging ourselves.

Have we set an unrealistic goal or one we don’t have the skills to achieve?

So we break things down into bite size chunks and then start forming a plan to get there, and come up with strategies that you can implement when you hit the roadblocks along the way.

Give it a try! Who knows what mountains you could climb!!