Do you ever feel that you are being pulled in too many directions? Work commitments, taking the kids to school and sport, getting the groceries done, cleaning the house, helping out with your family, walking the dog, time with your partner, the list sometimes seems endless, and there never seems to be any time for yourself.

How do you break out of this cycle and get the time in your day you need to focus on yourself?

The time is actually there, you just have to reorganise a little. We get stuck in paradigms that we have been using for years, and it locks us into courses of actions that doom us to repeat the same activities over and over. Nothing ever changes. Nothing will change until you change your mindset.

(A paradigm, for those of you scurrying for the dictionary…is basically the box we construct that we live in, our way of thinking that things must be…”I must be the one who takes the kids to school” or “I can’t exercise at 6am”…essentially the rules we force ourselves to live by).

Well…who the Hell says it has to be that way? Why can’t you commit to 4 training sessions a week, or commit to a healthy eating lifestyle for ever? One thing that bugs me is when people say, “But you still have to live”. Why on Earth does eating crap food and sitting on your arse equate to living? What if you changed the paradigm to, “I will eat nutritious food every day and exercise to make my body fitter, leaner, stronger”. What would your definition of ‘living’ be?

So…my point…??? And there is one…!

Stop with the lying and the bullshit about why you can’t do something, because it is utter bullshit. You know I it, I know it, it’s plain to see. You don’t make time to exercise or eat well, because you’re stuck in what happened yesterday.

You can change the way you live, it takes courage though. You need to have the courage to tell those around you that you are changing the way you live, that their needs won’t always be first. Sure, when your kids are young you need to do everything for them, but if your kids are 25, do you still need to take them everywhere and do everything with them?

I’m not saying ignore everyone else in your life, that’s stupid. I’m just saying that with a subtle shift in the paradigms you live with that you can find the time to exercise and live a healthier and more fulfilling life.

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