Plan A was ALWAYS to make BANG Fitness Adventures something where I could help people achieve as much as they could out of life.

There was no Plan B, or C…

When something hasn’t worked, I haven’t thrown in the towel, I’ve knuckled down to find a solution.

Whether it’s leading a Kokoda Trek, helping someone find a way up a mountain in Bali, seeing someone achieve a multi day trek for the first time, or even just to help someone understand the way their body works in a Personal Training session, or even coaching someone through some motivational barriers, it was always a part of Plan A.

It’s cost me a lot along the way, stress and grief at times but it has always been my commitment to find ways to help people in some way.

What I want is to meet more people who have a Plan A that they aren’t prepared to give up on, people that aren’t willing to surrender their goals until we have done everything we can think of to make it work.

If you are a Plan A kind of person, I want you on one of our trips. I don’t care how old or unfit or overweight you are, I just want your attitude there so that everyone else on that event benefits from your Plan A attitude.

Is that you? Someone you know?

Find out more about how to be a Plan A type of person by taking on The MOJO Program today!

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